Implementasi Pendekatan Pembelajaran Kontekstual dan Konstruktivisme pada Kelas VI SDIT Cendekia

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Agus Muharam
Wina Mustikaati
Aliza Wulandari
Nisrina Nurbaiti
Salsabila Alifia Prabowo


The educational process requires learning methods, learning strategies, the use of appropriate methods, media and technological learning models, so as to create a pleasant learning atmosphere in all subjects and arouse the spirit of learning. To create a more lively learning atmosphere, teachers must be able to make learning in the classroom more enjoyable. The choice of learning approach is an alternative that can be taken. The contextual teaching and learning approach is a learning concept that helps the teacher relate the material he teaches to the student's real-life situation, and encourages the student to make connections between the knowledge he receives and its application in their lives (Musical). , 2007:41). According to Carlos, constructivism is a view of the learning process (acquisition of knowledge) that begins with the emergence of cognitive conflicts that can only be overcome through self-knowledge and at the end of the learning process, children build knowledge through. The purpose of this study is to find out and interpret the application of the approach used in learning in class VI SDIT Cendekia. The subjects in this study were teachers and students of class VI SDIT Cendekia totaling 24 students.

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Muharam, A., Mustikaati, W., Wulandari, A., Nurbaiti, N., & Prabowo, S. (2023). Implementasi Pendekatan Pembelajaran Kontekstual dan Konstruktivisme pada Kelas VI SDIT Cendekia. Journal on Education, 5(2), 1820-1825.


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