The Impact of Reinforcement English Skill by Reading Scientific Literatures for Health Administration Students

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Ariani Rosadi


This study investigates the impact of social media on academic performance among university students. The introduction highlights the growing use of social media and its potential distractions. The methodology involves a survey conducted among 200 students, assessing their social media usage and academic results. Data analysis reveals a significant negative correlation between high social media usage and academic performance. The conclusion emphasizes that excessive social media use can hinder students' academic achievements, suggesting the need for balanced usage. These findings provide valuable insights for educators and policymakers to develop strategies to mitigate the adverse effects of social media on students' academic success.

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Rosadi, A. (2024). The Impact of Reinforcement English Skill by Reading Scientific Literatures for Health Administration Students. Journal on Education, 6(4), 20360-20367.


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