The Role Of Islamic Religious Education Teachers In Moral Development In Schools

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Tohirin Tohirin
Nurfuadi Nurfuadi


The role of Islamic religious education teachers has an important role in the successful achievement of educational goals, especially in developing morals and shaping students' attitudes and behavior so that they become good and friendly individuals. The era of globalization, characterized by rapid technological and scientific progress, has significantly influenced student behavior and norms. Islamic Religious Education Teachers play an important role in developing students' morals by instilling values ​​such as solidarity, politeness, wisdom, sincerity, honesty, and purity, which are important for shaping students' behavior and character. This research aims to identify and analyze the role of Islamic religious teachers in moral development with a focus on cultivating students who demonstrate noble character traits, such as solidarity, politeness, wisdom and integrity, both at school and in the wider environment. The research method used in this study is observation, structured interviews, and documentation, which is used to analyze data. The purpose is to demonstrate the desired results, focusing on two aspects: the role of Islamic education in developing moral character in students and the challenges faced by teachers in character education. The integration of moral education with academic learning ensures that students not only excel academically but also develop a strong moral foundation, which is essential to their overall growth and success in life. The implication of this research is that the effectiveness of Islamic Religious Education teachers has a significant impact on the overall quality of education, because they are an integral part in instilling a good moral foundation in students.

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Tohirin, T., & Nurfuadi, N. (2024). The Role Of Islamic Religious Education Teachers In Moral Development In Schools. Journal on Education, 6(4), 20167-20180.