English Vocabulary Mastery In Vocational Higher Education: An Analysis Of Challenges And Feasible Strategies

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Tian Havwini
Desi Ratnasari
Nurul Fadilah
Feby Feby
Fadli Firdaus


Vocabulary mastery is one of the important keys that bridge the subject comprehension. Understanding new
concepts, ideas, and principles requires knowledge and competence in using words in various settings. The
success of English learning in ESP will then contribute to the success of understanding other subjects in
the field. Therefore, this research aims to investigate the problems, needs, and feasible strategies in
improving vocabulary mastery in vocational higher education settings. The total of 303 freshmen students
participated in this study, along with 7 English lecturers who were teaching in their classes. A vocabulary
test, open-ended questionnaire, and focus group discussion (FGDs) were used as instruments. The results
present the current state of students’ vocabulary level. Moreover, a number of strategies were also
recommended by the lecturer in terms of students’ English vocabulary learning dan development. Future
research directions are also presented

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Havwini, T., Ratnasari, D., Fadilah, N., Feby, F., & Firdaus, F. (2024). English Vocabulary Mastery In Vocational Higher Education: An Analysis Of Challenges And Feasible Strategies. Journal on Education, 6(4), 19110-19118. https://doi.org/10.31004/joe.v6i4.5796


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