Hubungan Pendidikan Spiritual Dengan Tingkat Kedisiplinan Siswa

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Melani Melani
Bahtiar Siregar
Januari Simarmata
M. Randi Al Farizi
Karmila Astuti
Trisnawati Lubis


Spiritual education is rooted in the belief that educational activities are a form of worship to Allah (God). Discipline is a gradual process of training the minds and characters of children, enabling them to develop self-control and contribute positively to society. In this era of globalization, there has been a crisis in discipline and a decline in the morals of students.This research aims to investigate the relationship between spiritual education and the level of student discipline in schools. The study adopts a qualitative approach, focusing on the method of literature review or library research.Based on the literature review, it is found that there is a positive correlation between students' spiritual education and their level of discipline in school. Initiatives from schools, particularly educators, are necessary not only to enhance discipline but also to elevate the students' spirituality through engaging spiritual education.

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Melani, M., Siregar, B., Simarmata, J., Al Farizi, M. R., Astuti, K., & Lubis, T. (2024). Hubungan Pendidikan Spiritual Dengan Tingkat Kedisiplinan Siswa. Journal on Education, 6(2), 14475-14481.

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