Stigma Kesehatan Mental Dikalangan Mahasiswa

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Putri Kesyha
Tamora Br Tarigan
Ledi Wayoi
Elsa Novita


This study investigates the pervasive stigma surrounding mental health among university students, hindering their willingness to seek help. The research, conducted through a Systematic Literature Review, analyzes ten relevant articles to understand the impact of societal attitudes on students' help-seeking behavior. Negative stereotypes and discrimination create barriers, making students hesitant to discuss their mental health concerns openly. Addressing this stigma is crucial for fostering a supportive environment. The study emphasizes the need for targeted interventions and educational campaigns to promote mental health awareness, encouraging students to seek assistance without fear of judgment

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Kesyha, P., Br Tarigan, T., Wayoi, L., & Novita, E. (2024). Stigma Kesehatan Mental Dikalangan Mahasiswa. Journal on Education, 6(2), 13206-13220.


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