Analisis Manajemen Resiko Keamanan Informasi pada Kantor Dinas Pendidikan Gunung Tua

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Lili Saputri
Mirna Annifah Hsb
Tursina Juliani


Implementation of Information Technology in government institutions is currently needed to facilitate data collection and strategic decision making. The Tax Service Office is one of the government agencies engaged in education. The Education Officeiis ia government agency located in theiGunung Tua Regency Government iOfficeiComplex, in its services such as processing data fromieach school, which isiiniPesawaran Regency whichican be used in processing certification data. Information technology analysis is carried out to ensure the operational continuity used byithe service, whether the existing information technology is used as well as ipossible, because if itiis not iused properly it will cause isome problems or existing losses suchias data loss, or ierrors.  idata iuse, computer abuse, inaccurate information, because in this system the data is confidential and isensitive.  iFor this reason, an Information Security Management System (ISMS) isineeded in managing its isecurity. iIn implementing ISO 27001ipreviously required information security risk imanagement.  iThis risk management  iactivity  iis  ineeded  ito determine  ithe  iControl  iObjectives  ithat  iwill  ibe  itaken  ito  handle  irisks  ithat  imight  ioccur.  iIn implementing risk management, results were obtained only   for username and password  ilevel  iassets  ithat  ihadiaihigh  irisk  i(6.67%)  iof  the 15 assets  ithat  ihad  been  iregistered, so that  isecurity  icontrols  irelated  ito  iusernames  iand  ipasswords  iwere  ineeded  ito minimize  ior  ireduce  irisk.

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Saputri, L., Hsb, M., & Juliani, T. (2023). Analisis Manajemen Resiko Keamanan Informasi pada Kantor Dinas Pendidikan Gunung Tua. Journal on Education, 5(2), 3437-3443.