Peningkatan Kemampuan Berhitung Anak Usia Dini Melalui Permainan Pohon Angka di RA Muslimin Kecamatan Bandung Kulon Kota Bandung

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Yulianti Afsari IKIP SIliwangi, Indonesia
Aina Muzdalifah IKIP SIliwangi, Indonesia


At the time of entering preschool is the first thing for children out of the family environment and meet people who are strangers to him. Through education in RA, children are expected to develop their full potential (Religious and Moral Values, Cognitive, Language, Social Emotional, Physical / Motor and Art. Cognitive development is carried out through the introduction of concepts such as numbers, numbers, color concepts, geometry , measurement, concept of time and space Cognitive development of children in RA Muslimin in terms of arithmetic has not been maximized.To improve children's cognitive, can be done by the Number Tree method in RA Muslimin, Bandung Kulon Subdistrict, Bandung.The aim of this study is to improve the ability to count children in RA Muslimin The method used is through Classroom Action Research The procedure of conducting research is cycled which begins with cycle 1. Cycle 2 is largely determined by the results of reflection.The final results of the results of research conducted are first, the percentage increase in children's numeracy skills will go up and reach the average success rate KKM (Minimum completeness criteria) is 75% with the game being played. Second, the cognitive abilities of children in counting activities of 75% have been achieved. Third, the majority of 75% of children show a positive attitude in arithmetic activities. The conclusions of the results of this study are (1) In the cycle of learning through the media of numerical trees can increase the ability to count in children the results of which can be seen an increase in arithmetic activities. (2) In the cycle of action learning is proven to be able to motivate children, so learning outcomes are improved

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Afsari, Y., & Muzdalifah, A. (2019). Peningkatan Kemampuan Berhitung Anak Usia Dini Melalui Permainan Pohon Angka di RA Muslimin Kecamatan Bandung Kulon Kota Bandung. Journal on Education, 1(4), 663-668. Retrieved from


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