Pengelolaan Kelas dalam Proses Pembelajaran Inklusif di TK Angkasa 1 Bandung

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Yulia Silpi Agustina IKIP SIliwangi, Indonesia
Ety Rohayati IKIP SIliwangi, Indonesia


Various needs of children in inclusive classes have an impact on adjustments both in terms of curriculum, educational facilities and infrastructure, structuring the classroom environment and social interaction between children in the class. In addition, the educational background and understanding of teachers about children with special needs and inclusive education are important in conducting classroom management to provide optimal services for children with special needs in inclusive classes. The design used in this study is a case study. The reason for using case studies is because this strategy tends to be more open to gain a comprehensive understanding of the object under study. The conclusion from this study shows that basically the understanding of teachers in inclusive schools is still felt to be lacking. So that researchers feel the need to recommend that the class teacher be given a deepening related to his understanding in classroom management.

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Agustina, Y., & Rohayati, E. (2019). Pengelolaan Kelas dalam Proses Pembelajaran Inklusif di TK Angkasa 1 Bandung. Journal on Education, 1(4), 653-656. Retrieved from


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